April fools soccer match
Autor: Petr Tichý <tichy(at)maberoun.cz>, Téma: Soutěže a sport, Vydáno dne: 13. 04. 2005

Friday the 1st of April. Like every other April fools, at our school, a special event takes place. This years April fools event was a soccer match between the 1.A and the 1.B.

This wasn’t any ordinary soccer match. The soccer players where formed by a couple. Each couple had their leg tied to their partners; witch makes the game a lot more challenging and sometimes a lot clumsier. Running with your leg tied to your friends is not as easy as it looks. The 1.A took the lead after a few minutes in the game and held onto it. After all the fun and excitement came the prize for 1st place, a cake baked by the 1.As class teacher. While the 1.A enjoys their delicious prize the 1.B only watches them and will be waiting till June for a rematch.
Samuel Klika, 1. B